Top 7 Questions about Teeth Whitening in Scarborough. Do You Know the Answer to #6?

Top 7 Questions about Teeth Whitening in Scarborough. Do You Know the Answer to #6?

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Many people consider professional teeth whitening to brighten their smile. Even with meticulous dental care, teeth can darken with age. This is because the internal portions of the teeth grow darker over time.

Personal habits, such as using tobacco or drinking coffee, tea, sodas, or wine, can cause teeth to grow darker as well. In addition, certain medications can stain or darken teeth. If you are looking for teeth whitening in Scarborough, contact us at One Centre Dentistry.

We have complied a list of common questions about teeth whitening. What questions do you have about teeth whitening? Add a comment and tell us your ideas.

Question #1: Will My Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening?

Many people ask is if their insurance plan will cover teeth whitening. The only way to find out the true answer to that question is to check with your insurer. Medical plans do not typically cover the cost of teeth whitening. Their rationale is that teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, not a medically necessary one. Health Canada concurs that teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure.

It’s true that teeth whitening does not result in healthier teeth. However, tooth whitening improves appearance, which can contribute to healthier self-esteem, confidence, and emotional well-being. Patients seeking teeth whitening in Scarborough should double-check with their insurer about possible coverage before scheduling treatments. Your dental provider may be able to map out a plan to maximize your insurance benefits, while minimizing your out-of-pocket expenditures.

Question #2: How Can I Work with My Insurance Provider?

As the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) explains, many Canadian employers provide insurance plans for their employees. With these plans, insurers reimburse individuals for treatment at levels set by their employer. A dentist’s responsibility is to recommend treatment options that are best for a patients’ oral health. At times, these recommendations may not synch up with the patient’s insurance coverage. The patient has the right to choose whether to have any dental treatment. But, the patient is responsible for extra costs not covered by insurance.

Teeth whitening works the same way, except coverage by insurers is rare. Often, dentists are willing to reach out to insurers on patients’ behalf. Some dentists may be willing to offer clients a payment plan for any services not covered by insurance. This may be a path to help make whitening more affordable.

Question #3: What Are My Whitening Options?

It is also a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with our whitening options prior to exploring cost coverage with your insurer. Many dental providers offer traditional take-home teeth whitening trays and solutions, along with a range of in-office treatments to Scarborough patients. You may be able to add convenient whitening procedures on to your regular hygiene visits. Alternatively, you can select an intensive procedure for faster, more dramatic results. Dental providers offer patients who desire teeth whitening in Scarborough a range of options to meet their whitening needs and budget constraints.

Question #4: Will Teeth Whitening Work for Me?

There is a good chance you will be responsible for the cost of any whitening treatment. For that reason, you need to understand if teeth whitening will be effective for you. In general, the dental community finds that at least 90 percent of patients experience positive effects from whitening. Whitening works well for yellow-stained teeth, but is less effective for brown teeth. Teeth with gray stains, which arise from smoking, excessive fluoride ingestion, or taking tetracycline, generally respond less well to whitening procedures.

In addition, whitening may be less effective if you have tooth-colored fillings on the front of your teeth. Filling material may not respond to some whitening solutions, but others are more effective.

Question #5: What Should I Think About Before Teeth Whitening?

Before pursuing any whitening procedure, dental providers always take into account each patient’s individual needs. These include the reasons behind discoloration and any existing dental work. Dentists should always perform a thorough exam before advising Scarborough patients on a potential teeth whitening approach. In addition, dentists fill any cavities and ensure your gums are in good health prior to a teeth whitening procedure.

Although teeth whitening is a very safe practice, certain Scarborough-area patients may not be a good fit for whitening procedures. Whitening can cause teeth to become more sensitive. But, PH balanced whitening solutions do exist. These are a good option for some patients with sensitive teeth. If you have gum disease, or worn enamel, teeth whitening may not be a preferred method to restore your smile.

Question #6: What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

The good news about whitening: the results are long lasting. As a rule of thumb, you can expect results of professional whitening to last from one to five years.


Your results depend directly on your oral care practices and lifestyle choices. However, these lasting effects of teeth whitening may make the expenditure worthwhile for you, even if your insurer doesn’t cover any costs.

Teeth whitening can offer dramatic improvements in the color of your teeth. Dental professionals use a scale to assess the color of teeth. Professional whitening products often make teeth five to seven shades whiter, but can help your teeth be up to twelve shades whiter than they are now. This can create a stunning improvement in your cosmetic appearance. As a result, those who desire teeth whitening in Scarborough often recognize teeth whitening as an important investment in their personal appearance.

Question #7: How Can I Get Started With Teeth Whitening?

If you are interested in teeth whitening, you should contact Once Centre Dentistry a complete oral exam. We can determine your desired whitening effects and review treatment alternatives.


If you want professional teeth whitening in Scarborough, but have no insurance coverage for whitening, you will undoubtedly ask the next key question: how much does teeth whitening in Scarborough cost without insurance? The answer varies based on your goals. Our team at One Centre Dentistry can work with you on a whitening approach that meets your budget.


We are very interested in your experiences. Do you have unanswered questions about teeth whitening? Let us know by adding a comment below.