Top Myths about Teeth Whitening in Scarborough. Have You Heard #5?

Top Myths about Teeth Whitening in Scarborough. Have You Heard #5?
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Many adults consider having their teeth whitened. For some, misinformation about the process stops them from pursuing this highly effective means to enhance their personal appearance. If you are considering teeth whitening in Scarborough, you should take time to understand common teeth whitening myths and facts.

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Myth #1: Teeth Whitening is a Painful Process

You may have heard that teeth whitening is a painful process, but that is not the case. Importantly, dental experts from Health Canada do not recommend that anyone pursue do-it-yourself whitening at home without the guidance of a dentist. Those with unknown dental issues or poor gum health who choose over-the-counter whitening alternatives may experience heightened sensitivity, which typically goes away after they discontinue whitening.

However, qualified dental professionals always perform a complete dental exam and address any needs for Scarborough patients, such as fillings, prior to embarking on a teeth-whitening process. As a result, dentists can ascertain that patients are in good oral health prior to teeth whitening. Patients who seek teeth whitening in Scarborough may experience some mild teeth sensitivity. This is very normal, and typically very short-lived.

In fact, clinical research has shown that up to two-thirds of patients can experience mild to moderate sensitivity when embarking on a teeth whitening regimen. Teeth sensitivity tends to increase with whitening solutions containing higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, but dissipate in about 24 hours.

In addition, the cosmetic dentistry industry has created new alternatives, which are preferred whitening method for individuals with sensitive teeth. Such processes typically feature a PH neutral whitening gel, which dental professionals activate by a unique blue and red LED light for speedy whitening results. Some patients may experience mild sensitivity after a these types treatment, buy any discomfort usually goes away after approximately 10 minutes.

Myth #2: Teeth Whitening is for Everyone

According to a 2011 study, over 50% of dental patients were not happy with their general dental appearance, with tooth colour being their #1 concern. It is no surprise that teeth whitening is one of the most sought-after dental treatments.

However, while teeth whitening is a good option for many adults, the process is not recommended for Scarborough-area patients under the age of 16. In addition, pregnant and lactating women should not seek teeth whitening in Scarborough.

Anyone with gum disease, and those who have untreated fillings, exposed roots, worn enamel, or other teeth issues need to pursue corrective treatments prior to seeking teeth whitening treatments. In many cases, dental professionals can resolve many outstanding teeth problems and help patients achieve the good oral health needed to make teeth whitening an effective choice.

Myth #3: Your Whitened Teeth will Give You a “Hollywood Smile”

Many people expect teeth whitening to give them a bright, white celebrity smile right away.  In truth, natural teeth are not bright white, but rather a yellowish-gray color. Today’s dental professionals do offer whitening alternatives, which deliver rapid and dramatic results. However, many of patients opt for more gradual approaches, which provide whitening improvements over time.

For example, traditional take home whitening trays, which feature custom-fitted molds and custom-prepared solutions, can help patients achieve teeth, which are two to eight shades whiter in approximately two weeks.  For most people, this level of whitening provides a significant enough improvement to their appearance and is reasonably easy to maintain.

Every patient’s whitening results are individual, and depend directly on the original coloring of their teeth and their personal staining habits, which are affected by use of tobacco, coffee, sodas, and other discoloring agents. It is also important to note that the nature and color of stains impacts the outcome of teeth whitening in Scarborough, with yellow stains more responsive to whitening, and brown and/or gray staining less likely to improve.

Myth #4: Teeth Whitening Provides Permanent Results

Teeth naturally darken as we age. This is a proven scientific fact, and occurs whether we opt to whiten our teeth or not. Therefore, the results of whitening processes do diminish over time. Dental experts note that professional whitening treatments can last from one to five years. The longevity of the results ties directly to patients’ staining habits. Those who use tobacco or drink coffee, tea, soda, or other staining beverages will see their results diminish more quickly than those who abstain from such substances.

In general, those with good oral health habits can maintain their results for a longer period after a teeth whitening treatment. Considering that nearly 75% of Canadians visit a dentist at least once per year, according to the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), chances are good that citizens who seek whitening will also have good oral health practices.

Myth #5: Teeth Whitening Damages Your Tooth Enamel

In the past, the misperception that teeth whitening causes damage to tooth enamel was common. However, a 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association concluded that whitening agents do not cause damage to tooth enamel. Based on this and other available scientific data, Health Canada has affirmed that there is no risk of harm to tooth structure or enamel for those who pursue teeth whitening.
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