Cosmetic bonding

Teeth that are chipped, broken, or have noticeable gaps between them can be treated with tooth bonding. The same material that is used for fillings, with colors emulating the natural shades of teeth, can also be used for cosmetic bonding purposes. Dr. Shabanpour may first treat the teeth with a gel to prepare the area to receive the resin. She then applies the bonding material where needed, sculpts the new addition to the tooth, and cures it with a special light. After the resin hardens, it can be reshaped and polished to create improved dental aesthetics. After this step, the resin has been chemically bonded to the patient’s own tooth. Dr. Shabanpour may reshape or buff additional teeth in the area or make additional cosmetic improvements to enhance uniformity of the teeth.

Tooth bonding is a great conservative alternative to its more involved and costly counterpart, veneers. While bonding can be completed during a single visit, veneers are manufactured in a dental lab and will require production and shipment times and have associated fees. Bonding generally offers restoration with material added to the tooth, or at most conservative reduction.

In addition to treating cosmetic concerns, bonding can also decrease tooth sensitivity when root surfaces are exposed.

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