Mouth Guards

Protecting your teeth and jaws is essential for good oral health. One Centre Dentistry in Scarborough helps Toronto City patients avoid traumatic injury to the mouth with custom night guards and sports guards designed to protect teeth from damage due to excessive nighttime grinding and impact injuries.

Night guards are usually worn to prevent wearing down tooth surfaces, risk for decay and breaking fillings, gum disease and even tooth loss.  Grinding or bruxism and even clenching can also cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ); a condition that can cause chronic jaw pain and headaches.

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Teeth grinding or clenching can occur for many reasons including chronic stress and an unbalanced bite that develops as a result of missing, damaged or crooked teeth.  Sometimes, correcting damaged teeth, replacing missing teeth or undergoing orthodontic treatment can help resolve chronic teeth grinding/clenching. In other cases, stress management may help. Once grinding/ clenching has become a habit, it can be difficult to stop. Having a night guard in place prevent the damage that can occur as a result of grinding and clenching which tend to occur more commonly during sleep.