Fixed implant bridges

If you are missing or you may be losing many of your teeth, and you would like to replace them with something that is the closest to your natural teeth, then the fixed implant bridge is your solution.

A fixed implant-supported denture (fixed implant bridge) is a lifelike set of false teeth anchored to dental implants to replace all teeth complete with prosthetic gum tissue that stays in your mouth all the time. Fixed bridges are screwed to the implants and cannot be removed. They could be made from Acrylic teeth, porcelain or Zirconia. There is nothing touching the roof of your mouth with a fixed bridge. A fixed bridge attached to dental implants has many advantages over removable dentures like there is no need to be taken in and out from mouth, bone loss is prevented, facial structure is preserved. It is a stable, long-term solution that can last a lifetime for many people.
We have advanced skill and expertise in preparing the jaw for dental implants and placing your tooth replacements with extreme accuracy. Our doctors are proud to offer the highest standard of implant care. The number of implants required are different based on the patient’s dental condition. Dr. Shabanpour can assist you in deciding what is the most appropriate design for your unique situation.

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