Dentistry requires procedures and organization of the clinic that ensure the highest standards of infection control. At One Centre Dentistry we take sterilization and cross infection control very seriously. In fact, it is our top priority along with offering premium dental care to our patients. The next time you visit your current dentist, think about how clean the environment is. We invite you to visit our clinic and see how we go above and beyond when it comes to “keeping things sterilized”.

We use both small form and large form autoclaves & sterilization machines for all instruments. Any instrument or equipment that is sterilized in sterilization pouches and cassettes, are kept sealed until it is used. All instruments and equipments used are sterilized and all surfaces and chairs are disinfected and wiped down before, after, and between all and every patient.

At One Centre Dentistry we use proper universal precautions such as treatment gloves, masks, protective eye wear, over garments, plastic barriers to protect equipments and proper use of disinfectants and sterilization to prevent cross infection. We monitor our sterilization procedure using daily biological, mechanical, and chemical indicators. Biological indicators, or spore tests, are the most accepted means of monitoring sterilization because they assess the sterilization process directly by killing known highly resistant microorganisms. Mechanical and chemical indicators help detect procedural errors and equipment malfunctions. At One Centre Dentistry mechanical and chemical monitoring are done for every sterilizer load and for each package and cassette.

We use the world’s leading manufacturer of reliable dental chairs, hands free delivery systems and cabinetry, and dental lights including the award-winning A-dec LED light which makes our patients feel calm in an environment that is clear of clutter, comforting, practical and it’s so clean.