Teeth Whitening in Scarborough: Choosing the Right Way to Whiten and Brighten Your Smile. Have You Tried Method #1?

No doubt about it: having white teeth can improve your appearance and self-confidence. With all the teeth whitening methods on the marketplace, how do you know which one is right for you?

teeth whitening in scarborough

At One Centre Dentistry, we are happy to share our expertise with our patients who seek teeth whitening in Scarborough. Some teeth whitening methods provide fast, dramatic results, while others are more slow, but often more cost effective. For Scarborough-area patients, we can advise you on in-office and take-home options, along with post-treatment strategies to help you keep your teeth white.

Have you tried teeth whitening? What professional methods worked best for you?

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Basic Facts about Teeth Whitening Methods

As the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) explains, desire for white teeth among Canadians is growing. This demand has contributed to a rise in available whitening options in the marketplace. In fact, during 2010, people in North America spent more than $15 billion on teeth whitening. The CDA notes that teeth whitening products fall into two primary categories. Before pursuing teeth whitening Scarborough patients should learn basic facts about these two categories.

Category 1: Surface Whiteners

Products in the surface whitening category remove surface stains with abrasives. Typical products in this category include whitening gums and toothpastes. The abrasives in whitening toothpastes do have a finer grain than those in traditional toothpastes. Importantly, these products only work on surface stains. As a result, individuals in Scarborough who use at-home whitening toothpastes still need regular dental cleanings, and may benefit from professional teeth whitening.

Category 2: Bleaches

Teeth whitening products with bleaching agents do have ability to change the color of teeth. Dentists traditionally use one of two methods to whiten teeth. The first, “non-vital bleaching” is performed on teeth that are no longer living, such as those on which a root canal has been performed. With the second method, called “vital bleaching,” a dentist can apply products to lighten teeth that have darkened due to age, or due to stains from food, drinks, or tobacco.

Before embarking on teeth whitening Scarborough patients should consult with a dentist. Not all stains respond well to specific bleaching treatments. Plus, if a patient has dental work, such as crowns or bridges, they may need to consider specific whitening alternatives that can provide better results. The CDA advises that bleaching should only be performed in a professional setting, under a dentists care.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Before investing in teeth whitening Scarborough area residents should familiarize themselves with some of the most popular whitening practices. While this survey includes non-professional options, Scarborough residents should always seek teeth whitening from with an experienced dentist.

Method #1: Professional Light-Activated Teeth Whitening

People who desire prompt results and are willing to pay more may find benefit in light-activated teeth whitening. With this approach, Scarborough dentists protect the patients gums, then apply a whitening gel with a high peroxide concentration to patient’s teeth. Next, a light source activated over the patient’s teeth helps the gel penetrate teeth enamel. Using a light can speed up the teeth whitening process, and may provide a much brighter smile in just one visit. While approaches vary, patients who seek this method can expect to spend one to two hoursto accomplish light-activated teeth whitening in Scarborough.

Method #2: Professional Custom Tray Bleaching

With this approach, a patient’s dentist will take impressions of a patient’s teeth and create a custom-fitted mold for the patient. The dentist will provide whitening gel for application to teeth at home. The patient will need to place the gel in the mold and wear the trays for a designated length of time each day. Often, patients see some initial whitening results after a few days use. However, it can take up to two weeks to achieve full whitening results with professional take-home products. For many seeking teeth whitening in Scarborough, tray bleaching is an effective and cost-friendly approach. Although it requires a time investment of several weeks, it cost significantly less than in-office whitening procedures.

Method #3 : At-Home Whitening Strips

Commercial manufacturers have responded to the whitening trend by offering whitening strips for at-home use. With this approach, individual place a standard size strip over both the upper and lower teeth for a designated time and number of days. Because the strips are one-size-fits-all, they may not do an adequate job of covering patient’s teeth. The strips can also be awkward and make speaking uncomfortable. While the cost of whitening strips is relatively low, this do-it-yourself approach does not meet the CDA’s recommendations for professionally supervised whitening. Unsupervised whitening can lead to painful teeth sensitivity or even damage. Before beginning any teeth whitening Scarborough, individuals should have a full dental checkup to ensure that their mouth and gums are healthy.

Method #4: Commercial Whitening Stores or Stands

Because whitening is so popular, some stores, including spas and salons, are starting to offer teeth whitening. These non-professional approaches are basically the same thing as over-the-counter whitening strips. Such approaches require multiple visits to the service provider to achieve any results. Since these teeth whitening procedures can occur without professional dental supervision, they are not a good idea for anyone seeking teeth whitening in Scarborough.

Find the Whitening Approach that is Right for You

teeth whitening in scarboroughIf you are considering teeth whitening in Scarborough, you need to consult with the dental experts at One Centre Dentistry. After a thorough exam, we can advise you on the best whitening approach for you. We consider all the relevant factors, such how quickly you desire results, prior dental work, known allergies, and teeth sensitivity to advise you on the best whitening method. Fortunately, when it comes to teeth whitening Scarborough patients have many options.

If you have tried professional teeth whitening in Scarborough, we would love to hear about your experience.

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