Composite Fillings

Composite fillings, also called plastic or white fillings, are used to repair damage to the structure of a tooth or teeth. Structural damage can be caused as a result of tooth decay, wear or trauma. These fillings will be the same colour as your natural teeth. They are direct fillings, so they can be done in one appointment, in most cases. For quality tooth coloured dental fillings in Scarborough, turn to the team at One Centre Dentistry. We use the best brand of tooth colour filling for our patients.


Tooth coloured fillings are usually applied under a local anaesthetic in order to numb the area around the tooth. Old fillings and any decay are removed as necessary. The filling material is placed carefully in small amounts until the original tooth shape is re-created. The filling material is set by shining a small ultra violet or bright light onto it for a few seconds. Finally, the new filling is finely polished.

Composite fillings are designed to not only provide long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results for patients but also to restore and strengthen a tooth. Once a tooth-colored filling is in place, good oral hygiene will increase its longevity.

Also if you have old, unattractive metal fillings and are interested in having them replaced and seek to have the tooth coulured filing in Scarborough, visit us at One Centre Dentistry.

When you visit our Scarborough practice for tooth coloured fillings, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish and answer any questions you have.

For information about comprehensive restorations visit our crowns & bridges page.

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