Periodontal Disease Treatment

Gum disease, or periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. It is estimated that over 80% of the adult population has periodontal (gum) disease to one degree or another. The risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, low-weight births, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and respiratory problems increase in patients with gum disease.

How Gum Disease Starts

Some of the bad bacteria in your mouth produce a sticky, smelly by-product that we call plaque. If plaque is not removed, as it ages, it hardens into tartar (or calculus) and irritates gum tissue, allowing bacteria to create infection. Bacteria continue to breed and begin to break down the connection between gums and teeth, right at the gum line. Periodontal pockets form, and bacteria infiltrate the area. Inflammation caused by infection gets into the blood stream to create bigger health problems, and all the while, bacteria continue to break down the bond between teeth and gums, so teeth begin to loosen, gums recede, and, at some point, bone tissue starts to decompose and teeth fall out.

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Avoiding Gum Disease & Periodontitis

So how can you avoid this dramatic and dangerous chain of events? First, always attend regular checkups and cleanings. This should be started as part of child dental care visit. The early signs of gum disease are mild or nonexistent. Some people notice tenderness, redness, swelling, or bleeding when brushing teeth, while others see no preliminary warning signs. We at One Centre Dentistry in Scarborough , however, can diagnose gum disease in the earliest stage and help you prevent its advancement. If you have gum disease, a deep cleaning may be the first step toward healing. Deep cleaning involves two primary procedures: scaling and root planing. We call the process of removing plaque and tarter from below the gum line scaling. Root planning is smoothing rough areas on teeth roots, where plaque and bacteria can build up. We may also place topical antibiotic on infected gum tissue to destroy bacteria. At One Centre Dentistry we are well educated to offer high standard of gum therapy in Scarborough.