Hygiene & Dental Cleaning

Dental teeth cleaning and checkup is what we call hygiene appointment or a recall visit.   Studies show patients consistent with dental teeth cleaning and dental checkup are more likely to have healthier bone and gums and will keep their teeth considerably longer. Whether you had a filling done, a smile makeover, implants or just looking to have a healthy mouth our licensed dental hygienists will keep your smile healthy for life by providing you with the best dental teeth cleaning at One Centre Dentistry located in Scarborough.

Poor oral hygiene can have serious implications on your general health not limited to cardiovascular disease (increasing chance of heart attack), diabetes (increasing blood sugar level), pregnancy (risk of miscarriage), mental health (risk of Alzheimer’s).
Poor oral health can impair your ability to eat well and digest your food, leading to serious nutritional and systemic problems.

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Our hygienists, like the rest of One Centre Dentistry team, are dedicated to continuing education by attending multiple continuing education courses yearly (beyond the minimum required by law) to guarantee that our patients continue receiving the finest up-to-date dental care.


At One Centre Dentistry other than hand scalers we also use Ultrasonic scalers are used to make the cleaning procedure more comfortable and effective. A Cavitron is a high frequency sound wave tooth used by our hygienists to clean teeth. The ultrasonic sound waves vibrate the dirt, tarter, and plaque off teeth.