If you’ve lost teeth due to accident, injury, or gum disease, there are different methods to help you smile with confidence. One Centre Dentistry’s expert team can provide patients with dentures in Scarborough. We also offer Implants, permanent bridge or a removable partial denture to replace the missing teeth. Not only do these dental prosthetics restore a full smile, but also prevent shifting of remaining teeth. They can also correct your bite and TMJ (jaw joint) problems, improve chewing ability and speech articulation, and support cheeks and lips to preserve a youthful appearance.

A partial denture replaces multiple teeth on the upper or lower arch. It fits much like a puzzle piece with existing teeth. Partials may be attached to hidden clasps that fit on existing teeth or for a more stable and permanent solution, implant retention is available.

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Full dentures replace all teeth on the upper, lower, or both arches. While natural suction or denture adhesive can hold dentures in place, many people prefer implant-retained dentures for a hassle-free and dependable prosthetic. Implant supported denture is a great option for those seeking stable denture in Scarborough and suffering from unstable or loose denture.

Our dentists at One Centre Dentistry in Scarborough have advanced understanding of all the current denture techniques. After a full examination of a patient’s mouth, they apply their expert knowledge to provide the best denture solutions to replace missing teeth.