How Teeth Whitening Works – #2 Explains the greatest threat to your bright smile

Whiter teeth are an attractive asset for anyone. They can give you greater confidence in social situations and motivate you to smile more often. For that reason, many people consider teeth whitening in Scarborough.

teeth whitening in scarboroughIf you are considering teeth whitening, you may have some questions about the process. How do whitening products actually affect the color of your teeth?

At One Centre Dentistry, we are happy to provide facts to answer all your questions about teeth whitening. Before starting teeth whitening Scarborou gh individuals can contact us for patient education on this important topic.

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Fact #1: Basic Teeth Structure

Your teeth covering is hard outer structure called enamel. Although hard, teeth enamel is porous. Some whitening products only remove stains on the outer layer of the teeth. Many of these surface whiteners are available over the counter (OTC). For example, OTC whitening toothpastes are surface whiteners that contain a finer-grain abrasive than standard toothpastes. These whitening products can help lift superficial stains from teeth for Scarborough-area individuals.

However, since your enamel is porous staining agents, such as coffee, tea, and sodas, can go below the enamel to a deeper layer, called dentin. Over time, stains can accumulate in your dentin and give your teeth a yellow or brown appearance. To combat these stains, those seeking teeth whitening in Scarborough need to consult with their dentist about bleaching products.

Fact #2: How Teeth Acquire Stains

Teeth naturally darken with age. However, lifestyle choices can accelerate this natural process. Any intensely colored food or drink has high potential to stain teeth. Three factors contribute to staining risk for various consumables.

  1. Chromogens—these are intensely colored molecules in food and drink, which adhere to teeth enamel.
  2. Acidity–highly acidic foods or beverages can temporarily deplete enamel and increase the likelihood that chromogens can attach to teeth.
  3. Tannins—further accelerate chromogen’s ability to stick to enamel.

Scientists have determined that red wine is one of the top staining agents, since it contains both chromogens and tannins. Other consumables that put your teeth at risk include: teas, colas, sport drinks, berries, and sweets. When seeking teeth whitening Scarborough patients can minimize staining and extend the results of their whitening by avoiding these food and drink items.

Fact #3: How Peroxide Works on Stained Teeth

Before starting teeth whitening Scarborough patients should learn basic facts about the most common whitening agent—peroxide. Most whitening products, which you receive from your dentist contain peroxide. Often, professional products Scarborough dentists use contain carbamide peroxide, which stays fresh and potent to deliver the best results during a teeth whitening procedure.

When peroxide breaks down, it releases chemically active ions, which permeate your enamel. These highly reactive ions can reach into the dentin in your teeth. They can break the chemical bonds in your stains and remove discoloration. This process visibly whitens your teeth.

Those seeking teeth whitening in Scarborough can achieve whitening through peroxide-based products at home. Your dental professional can give you custom-molded mouth trays for your upper and lower teeth, along with a whitening solution. By using this system regularly for a few weeks, you can achieve teeth that are several shades lighter.

Fact #4: How Light Works on Stained Teeth

Some in-office dental whitening options use light to accelerate the process. These light-activated whitening techniques feature innovations from dental researchers. They understand how specific light frequencies work with peroxide-based whitening agents to deliver faster results, in a safe treatment environment.

For example, one popular light-activated technique, called Spa-Dent, uses both blue and red light frequencies. The Spa-Dent technique uses a blue light frequency to activate a special whitening gel applied to the patient teeth. Light accelerates the peroxides ability to break up stains and delivers faster whitening results. In addition, Spa Dent uses a red light frequency, which has been proven effective for healing. With this approach, Scarborough-area patients who desire more expedient results can attain teeth whitening in an safe, effective way.

Fact #5: How Often Should You Whiten Your Teeth

Professional whitening can deliver long-lasting results. Patients who seek teeth whitening in Scarborough can expect to see whitening effects last from one to five years. The longevity of whitening effects depends directly on an individual’s oral care and health habits. Those who seek regular dental checkups, take good care of their teeth, and avoid staining agents—such as red wine, coffee, tea, and tobacco—can expect longer results. In addition, some patients opt to touch up their whitening at their regular dental visit every six months. Dental providers may offer add-on whitening treatments that provide the convenience of one in-office visit for hygienic care and whitening.

Dental professionals caution that any whitening must be done under a dentist’s supervision. Those who pursue at-home whitening may overdo the process and create pain or harm to their teeth and gums. When seeking teeth whitening Scarborough-area individuals truly need expert guidance from a qualified dentist.

Fact: You Can Have a Brighter, Whiter Smile

teeth whitening in scarboroughIf you are interested in teeth whitening in Scarborough, you have many professional whitening options available. You can choose an accelerated, in-office process for rapid results. Alternatively, you can add whitening on to a regular checkup or opt for take-home trays for a more cost-friendly whitening approach.

Whatever path you choose, the professionals at One Centre Dentistry are available to advise you every step of the way. Before teeth whitening Scarborough patients must make sure their teeth and gums are healthy. We can provide a full exam and take any corrective steps necessary to get you ready for a whitening regimen.

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