How Does Invisalign in Toronto Actually Work? The Process May Surprise You

Orthodontic treatment often brings to mind a mouth full of metal. From palate expanders to the wires and brackets found on braces, these images fill many people with dread. Fortunately, with Invisalign, there is an alternative to many of these cumbersome and conspicuous processes.

Invisalign has helped about 2,500,000 patients since it was first made available. It provides a discreet alternative to using traditional braces, and is available for both adults and teenagers.

Each Invisalign patient receives a set of aligners made of a clear type of plastic material. Patients must wear these aligners for at least 20 hours per day, and receive a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks. The aligners are taken out when eating or brushing teeth, making them much more convenient for dental hygiene compared to braces.

Patients might receive just a few different sets of aligners throughout the Invisalign process, or may change aligners several different times. It simply depends on how extensive the work is that needs to be done and how well the patient responds to the treatment.

Have you tried Invisalign in Toronto before? What did you think of the process? How does it compare to traditional braces?

Before ever receiving the aligners, however, patients must first undergo a careful and thorough evaluation by an orthodontic office. Providers are available in several locations, and One Centre Dentistry is a provider in the Invisalign network. We pride ourselves on our particular focus on Invisalign services, which has benefited hundreds of our patients who feel more confident and attractive thanks to a straight, even smile.

Here, at ONE CENTRE DENTISTRY as a provider of Invisalign in Scarborough, we will go through the entire process with you, and discuss costs and options for paying for your Invisalign treatment. This could include seeing if orthodontic services are covered under your dental insurance plan, and discussing other financing options and payment plans.

Aside from financial concerns, the doctor will also evaluate your situation to determine if Invisalign is appropriate for your case. If so, the next step is where the real work begins.

Following your consultation and a determination if Invisalign is right for you, your doctor will then proceed with gathering the data needed to develop your individualized Invisalign plan. This includes several phases, including taking x-rays of your teeth, gathering pictures, and creating impressions.

From all of these different sources, your doctor can create 3-D image of your teeth, and then determine the right treatment plan based on your goals. This treatment plan will include how your teeth will move, and how long the plan is to last. Providers of Invisalign in Toronto can also show you digital imaging that will trace the path of your teeth and where they will be positioned throughout each phase of your treatment. Adults, on average, can expect to take about a year for treatment with Invisalign, while teenagers typically take as long as they normally would with braces.

A common question we hear at One Centre Dentistry is an inquiry as to whether Invisalign is painful. To answer, we often compare the experience to braces.

With braces, you have metal brackets and wires that rub against the soft tissues within your mouth, including your inner cheeks and gums. This happens whenever you eat or speak, and is typically only alleviated with dental wax. You may also experience soreness whenever you go in to get your braces tightened or the wires on your braces changed.

invisalign in torontoWhen you come to visit us at ONE CENTRE DENTISTRY for your Invisalign in Scarborough, the start of your treatment may be somewhat uncomfortable at first. This is primarily due to the shifting taking place in your teeth whenever you get a new set of aligners, which can make your teeth feel a bit looser and cause some soreness.

This soreness tends to be minor in comparison with the soreness people experience with braces. In addition, the other discomforts, such as rubbing and scratching from the metal pieces found on braces, are virtually eliminated.

This is because the Invisalign aligners are made out of clear plastic material that is BPA-free, which is flush with your cheek and does not rub against your gums painfully. You therefore will have fewer abrasions within your mouth, making it much more comfortable when compared to braces. In fact, it is comfortable enough that 96% of customers who use Invisalign report being satisfied with it.

Aside from the issues of comfort, there are other reasons why Invisalign is preferable to braces. Braces have worked well in the past, as the individual bracket on each tooth gives your orthodontist significant control over where that tooth can move. However, the downside was a decrease in oral hygiene.

The brackets can hold stuck food to your teeth and may cause difficulty when brushing, not allowing you to clean your teeth as thoroughly as when you did not have braces. In addition, you treatment might become disrupted when brackets come loose, requiring an unexpected appointment to go fix them.

Braces can also be inconvenient, limiting your food choices so that you are unable to eat in certain locations and enjoy certain dishes that you might otherwise like.

Invisalign removes these issues because the aligners can be taken off whenever you  need to eat, or brush and floss your teeth. Oral care is the same as it has always been without your orthodontic treatment, meaning you do not have to sacrifice the health of your teeth for the sake of aligning your bite.

If you are ready to experience the difference of Invisalign treatment here in Toronto at ONE CENTRE DENTISTRY, contact us today. We can offer you a comprehensive consultation to determine whether Invisalign is the right solution for you, and can discuss insurance options and payment plans so that you can afford your treatment. Our skilled staff can then start the 3D modeling process and start you down the path to a straighter, brighter smile.