Five Facts about the Safety of Teeth Whitening in Scarborough. If You Want Safe, Fast Whitening, Read Fact #4

If you are contemplating teeth whitening in Scarborough, you may have several questions. You may be wondering if professional bleaching is worth the investment. Also, you may question whether or not teeth whitening is safe.

At One Centre Dentistry, we always advocate following the guidelines of the Canadian Dental Association (CDA). The CDA expressly recommends that patients only pursue teeth whitening under a dentist’s supervision to ensure safety. We offer a full-range of in-office and at-home whitening treatments, so that you can choose the right one for you.

Plus, we always ensure our whitening patients have a full exam so that we can guide our Scarborough-area patients to make the right whitening choices for your teeth. When seeking teeth whitening Scarborough area patients know they can rely on the professional team One Centre Dentistry.

  • What has your whitening experience been like?
  • Did you experience any teeth sensitivity or other issues?
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Share your experiences with us below. Your input can be the information on teeth whitening Scarborough-area individuals need.

Fact #1: CDA Advises Whitening Under a Dentists Supervision

In Canada, teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure, which means it is typically not covered by insurance. This may individuals to seek lower-cost alternatives, such as over the counter bleaching kits. However, CDA also recommends that all teeth bleaching occur under a dentist’s care.

CDA specifically notes that “tooth-bleaching under controlled dental office conditions may be safe and effective.” Moreover, CDA explains that clinical studies of at-home kits suggest that these commercial products may be safe, when appropriately used. However, teeth sensitivity does happen, and can pose a problem with unsupervised use of whitening products. Plus, CDA notes that studies of repeated teeth whitening have not been conducted. Thus, there are outstanding questions about repetitive use of at-home kits without guidance from a professional dentist. As a result, those desiring teeth whitening in Scarborough should be sure to seek professional dental care.

Fact #2: Global Studies Demonstrate Safety of Teeth Whitening

At-home whitening strips first appeared on the market in 2000. These products typically recommend applying one-size-fits-all strips, which contain a hydrogen peroxide solution, to top and bottom teeth for a span of days. In 2007, scientists conducted a global study to test the effectiveness and safety of these whitening products across several sites and cultures around the world. The results were promising. By using digital image analysis, researchers could discern that study subjects did achieve color improvement, without significant adverse issues.

Despite these impressive results, Scarborough-area patients who desire teeth whitening should always see their dental practitioner before using over-the-counter whitening products. In some cases, a cleaning may be all you need to restore your teeth’s cosmetic appearance. Plus, if you have cavities or inflamed gums, you should get these issues treated first before seeking whitening.

Without appropriate dental supervision, you can create painful sensitive teeth or even damage with careless, do-it-yourself whitening. Before starting any teeth whitening Scarborough patients must consult a dentist to advise an appropriate whitening plan.

Fact #3: Dentist-Prescribed At-Home Whitening Validated by 20+ Years of Clinical Research

Clinical researchers have conducted over 20 years of research on the safety of professional at-home products by consumers. Those studies have concluded that bleaching materials containing up to 10% carbamide peroxide (or 3.5% hydrogen peroxide) present no significant health risks to users. However, all these studies were conducted on patients under a dental professional’s care.  Therefore, the safety of unsupervised home whitening cannot be guaranteed.

Individuals may not report adverse effects experienced during unmonitored use of home whitening products to dentists. Adverse effects include teeth sensitivity, which occurs at the beginning of whitening for approximately two-thirds of all whitening users. The concentration of the bleaching agent and the length of application can be adjusted to reduce risk of sensitivity. While sensitivity is the #1 bleaching issue, dental researchers have documented cases of severe enamel damage associated with over-the-counter whitening products. In addition, studies have documented that bleaching agents can have effects on dental restorative. As a result, anyone with any dental work should only pursue teeth whitening in Scarborough under the supervision of a qualified dentist.

Fact #4: Only Dental Professionals Should Apply High Peroxide Concentration Products

teeth whitening in scarboroughWhen seeking rapid teeth whitening Scarborough area patients must consult with their dentist. Only a dental professional can safely use whitening products with higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. International research has demonstrated that bleaching products stronger concentrations of hydrogen peroxide create greater risk of mucosal damage in patients. Current dental best practices advise against unsupervised use of high hydrogen peroxide products at home.

Fact #5: Dentists Review Special Circumstances and Your Oral Health Prior to Any Whitening Regimen

Dentists typically advise against whitening during pregnancy. In addition, teeth whitening is not recommended for children and adolescents. When seeking teeth whitening, Scarborough patients need a complete oral exam to assess any issues with his or her teeth, gums, mouth, head, and neck. Dentists also need to understand any patient allergies, history of teeth sensitivity, and the patient’s suspected reasons for any teeth staining.

Moreover, patients should be aware that teeth bleaching can potentially mask underlying teeth issues, such as dental caries or leaking restorations. Both of these issues can cause teeth to darken. Whitening these abnormal teeth may give an outward appearance of oral health, but not eliminate the need for corrective treatments. Without appropriate care, dental conditions can worsen and lead to tooth damage or loss. Those seeking teeth whitening in Scarborough truly need input from a qualified dentist to avoid any oral complications.

Achieve a Beautiful Smile

When ready to begin teeth whitening, Scarborough residents can contact One Centre Dentistry for a full professional exam. We provide in-office and take-home options for individuals who desire teeth whitening in Scarborough. Under our professional care, you can achieve the beautiful smile you desire without any safety concerns.

We are always happy to have feedback from those who have chosen teeth whitening.

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